Tips on Using Tiles to Create a Flowing Living Space

Tips on Using Tiles to Create a Flowing Living Space

The right flooring can help to make an interior space flow seamlessly, and tiles are a great option for both small and large spaces. As well as creating flow between interior and exterior spaces, they can be used to create different zones within a house. Getting the transition right can be tricky however, so here are some tips to help you make sure that your tiling choices work from space to space.


Continuous tile flooring

Using tiles for flooring is a good option for open plan style houses that have a kitchen flowing into a family room, flowing to your outside areas.  If you use tiles in the kitchen and another type of material for flooring in the family room, the space will feel awkward and disjointed. Continuous flooring in a natural timber look tile will give you warmth, as well as durability in both areas. Limestone, large square porcelain tiles or a ceramic tile mimicking natural stone would also work well and add sophistication in both contemporary and traditional homes.

There are now a lot of great options to get the look of natural stone with the benefits of ceramic tiles.  More and more natural products are being replicated in ceramic tiles, with the decorative effects and veining that we find so classic and elegant in natural stone.

When combining rooms in older style properties it can be difficult to get different types of flooring to work together. Using one flooring tile in the hallway and continuing it into the kitchen creates a natural transition and ensures that the space flows.


Creating tile zones

If you like the idea of creating different zones within open-plan living spaces, then tiles can work well here too. For instance, if you have a kitchen design that is elevated above a living area, you could use patterned tiles in the kitchen and complementary plain tiles in the living area. The stairs divide the space logically rather than the tiles themselves.

However, sometimes there isn’t always a good place for a logical transition, so you may have to think outside the square. Basically, you can handle flooring for open-plan homes in lots of different ways as long as they make sense and don’t chop up the room. You want to create flow, not a feeling of disharmony.

For example, in a kitchen statement tiles could be laid in the centre with plain tiles around the perimeter essentially giving a rug effect. This look also works well for bathroom floors to create a splash zone. Matching the tile colour to the decor helps to visually connect it.



A common area where it makes sense to have tiles is in entranceways. This is a high traffic area that has to endure moisture and mud being tracked in from outside. In open plan homes, there may not be a logical starting or stopping point but, for instance, you could use statement tiles to define the entry area. You could also use patterned tiles to form a path to the hallway. Use tiles that pick up the tone in your decor or matches the colour of the paint on your walls to create a harmonious flow.

A general rule of thumb with tile flooring is to restrict it to two types within view and let it flow from room to room to make the space feel larger. If you use too many different types of flooring it will make the space feel smaller. Even if the flooring is on different levels, keep in mind the different ways they can be seen, for example viewing from the upper level of a staircase or from different rooms within your home.

Inside to Outside

Indoor – Outdoor living is hugely popular with our Brisbane weather, and choosing the right floor tiles is the perfect way to bring the outside in. Selecting a flooring which is suitable to both indoor and outdoor use such as our Bode Stone Mix range creates a smooth, seamless flow from your living room to your outdoor space, making the area seem much larger and more open. Perfect for Queensland entertaining.


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