How to Use Metallic Tiles To Beautify Your Home

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Ceramic, stone or marble tiles are our best sellers and attractive options for interior floors and walls, but for something ultra modern and sophisticated why not consider metallic tiles? Metallic tiles are durable, easily maintained and very on trend right now. These tiles are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and come in lots of different designs and finishes. Keep reading to find out more about how you can use metallic tiles in your home.

Shiny metal has always had a certain allure, so it’s not surprising that people are attracted to using metallic tiles to make a statement. Whether you use these as a sleek splashback in the kitchen or as a feature wall in an industrial look bathroom, there’s a wide choice of creative ways to use metallic tiles in your home.


Metallic tiles are not only stylish, they are easy to clean and don’t tarnish or rust. The surface is reflective and bounces light around the room really well so they’re great for areas that don’t receive much natural light. In terms of durability they are hard wearing, though soft metals such as copper can scratch, so these are best used as splashbacks rather than flooring.


Lots of natural materials work well with metallic tiles unless you’re going for a minimalist look. Pairing them with leather, woven textiles, vintage wood and faux animal hides can add warmth and texture for a rustic or industrial look. Many metallic tiles have textured surfaces which make them naturally slip resistant, so they’re great for laying in entry ways, bathroom floors or kitchens, even stairs. Anywhere that is a high-traffic area.



A metal tile kitchen backsplash provides not only visual interest to your kitchen design, it offers a low-maintenance surface to keep clean. There are endless choices of styles, colours and types to suit any budget. Stainless steel is a popular choice of metal backsplash tile because it blends in well with modern kitchen appliances. Embossed tin, copper, steel, pewter and brass with shiny or matte finishes are also common choices for kitchen backsplashes.



Bathrooms are fabulous spaces for metallic tiles which are completely water resistant, easily installed and look great aesthetically. This space definitely takes on the cool factor with metallic tiles. Subway bricks and geometric designs, are popular choices for accent walls but any squares of sleek or embossed metal provide a no-fuss, easy to clean surface and impart a unique sophistication.


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