How to Create a Spa Style Bathroom


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While jetting away for the weekend to a spa retreat would be nice, you can always recreate the experience in your own bathroom. Often it’s not the jacuzzi bath or the on-hand masseuse that makes for a relaxing spa feel, but a soothing appeal and quality products. Best of all you get to come home to enjoy it everyday!


Whether you’re wanting to install a new bathroom or give your current one a makeover, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Create ‘The Spa Look’

Visual appeal is all important when it comes to creating your own spa-like vibe. Spa retreats generally tend to embrace certain elements to help us reconnect with the natural world. Faux wood ceramic or porcelain tiles imitate the natural textures of wood but are water resistant and easy to maintain. Used for floors and/or walls they come in a variety of patterns to match the rest of your spa decor.

If you decide forgo tiling then introducing nature-inspired earthy paint colours for the wall to give the space a serene feel is a must. Harsh lighting isn’t really found in spa retreats, so main lighting should have a bulb with a low wattage or install dimmer switches. Strategically placed scented candles also create a calming effect if you prefer to keep your light bulbs on a higher wattage.

Organise Your Products

Less is more in a spa bathroom as clutter gives us stress. Keeping toiletries hidden or in order creates harmony. If you have a bath then a bath caddy is a must for keeping essential items on hand. Getting out of a warm bath and rummaging around for a loofah spoils the mood somewhat.

You may also want to consider the type of products you use in your spa bathroom. Typically quality organic products are used in spa retreats and you generally don’t find these in your local supermarket, so you may have to source them locally or order them online. It’s fun to try different things, from oils and soaps, to bath salts and scrubs, to indulge your senses.

Spa Sounds

Another thing spa retreats have in common is that they usually play some kind of ambient music while you’re receiving treatment. That’s because you’re usually in there for at least an hour or more and silence can be a little boring. Luckily playing soothing music in your spa bathroom is pretty easy these days with waterproof bluetooth speakers on the market. All you need to do is download some tranquil sounds for a calming backdrop and you’re away. If you prefer to listen to natural sounds then there are plenty of meditation apps that have scenes featuring lapping waves, falling rain, birdsong, rustling corn swaying in the wind etc.

Soft, Warm Accessories

Part of the fun of going to spa retreat is they give you oversized bath robes, scented towels and slippers to wander around in. You can recreate this in your own bathroom with a plush bath mat to step onto, have a bath towel warming on heated towel rail and a fluffy robe and slippers waiting to wrap yourself in afterwards. Be sure to use a fabric softener you like the smell of to make the towels and robe feel extra cosy.

Looking to create your own spa style bathroom? Pop into our tile showroom to get advice and inspiration from our expert team.


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