The Best Tiles to Use for a Splashback




For years, simple glass splashbacks were the most sought after kitchen addition. However, tiled splashbacks have now created a comeback. With a tiled splashback not only will you create an eye-catching feature but you can also add texture and pattern to your kitchen.


So what tiles can you use for a splashback?

The great thing about a tiled splashback is that you can choose nearly any colour, texture or pattern. However make sure you choose tiles that are sealed. This will prevent moisture from soaking into the tile and will be easier for you to keep clean.

Current splashback trends

Mosaic tiles
Mosaic tiles can be incorporated into kitchens to create a point of interest. These small squares are available in many different colour tones and patterns meaning you can create a feature specifically to suit your needs.

Subway tiles
Subway tiles are great to incorporate into a kitchen. They create a sense of sleek sophistication and can be used in either direction. Subway tiles come in a variety of colours, so you’re sure to find one to suit your kitchen. Using different coloured grout with subway tiles is also a way to create an extra point of interest. For example, using black grout with a white tile creates an elegant, monochromatic feel.

Patterned and shaped tiles
Patterned and shaped tiles will create a strong focal point for your kitchen. If you want to add a point of difference and some added colour this is the direction you should take. Keep your kitchen modern by using a patchwork effect with patterned tiles. Or if you’re looking to create a unique statement, design your own pattern using different shades and shapes of the same tile.

Big tiles
Bring depth to your kitchen with the addition of large tiles. Not commonly found in kitchens, large format tiles will give your kitchen a modern, urban edge. But if you feel that large format tiles are a little overpowering you can team them with a mosaic tile in the same tone. This tiling trick creates a sense of minimal sophistication.


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