Tips for Mixing Different Types of Tiles




You don’t have to stick to just one size, shape or pattern when it comes to tiling walls and floors. However, since quality tiling is an investment, it’s a good idea to adhere to some general design rules to ensure you get the right combination the first time. No one wants to pay to rectify tiling errors.


Get the look that’s right for you by following these tiling tips.

1. Balance patterned and plain tiles

By all means use colourful mosaic or other small statement tiles in a bathroom or kitchen but restrict usage to a small feature or a backsplash on one surface. When combined with large-scale plain tiles they draw the eye but can might be too much if used across an entire room. Keeping the shape of patterned tiles consistent also produces a harmonious effect and creates a visual connection.

2. Play with small and large tiles

You can get away with using at least three different types of tiles in one space if you cleverly combine small and large sizes. For instance, you could use small hexagonal mosaic tiles on the walls; medium sized hexagonal tiles on the basin surround and larger oblong tiles on the floor. Keeping the palette neutral or monochrome helps to create a cohesive look, as does using the same coloured grout throughout.

3. Matte vs. gloss

Think outside the square by using a combination of matte and gloss tiles in your space. This can work well in bathrooms to balance busy patterns if tiles are similar sizes and shapes. As an example, you could use high gloss subway tiles on the walls and break up the gleam with a matte monochrome subway tile floor. Another idea is to have two types of large matte tiles for the floor and wall, then break up the large wall area by running a small, oblong coloured gloss tile along the middle section.

4. Same colour, various shapes

If you fall in love with two different tile designs in different shapes you can have them both, but choose the same colour to minimise visual competition and create a seamless effect. You can always use a contrasting shade of grout to add interest, such as dark grey grout on white subway tiles and white hexagonal mosaics.

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to use different types of tiles to create a stunning feature in your home. Come in and visit our showroom for friendly advice on the latest tile looks and trends.


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