How to Create an Industrial Look




One of the latest trends in interior design is industrial. Industrial is influenced by rustic factories and won’t go out of style easily. Industrial allows you to incorporate some of those old bits and pieces that you’ve kept around the place hoping to reuse.

Let’s take a look at some simple ways to create the industrial look in your home.


Start with brick or wood

A classic industrial interior will incorporate exposed brick walls or weathered wood flooring. However, most of us aren’t lucky to have a brick feature wall hiding behind our plaster board. Instead, we have the perfect tile equivalent- the New York Chelsea tile is the perfect colour tone to mimic a classic old-school brick wall.

On the other hand, if you want a wooden floor- you can get the look with our Woodline Vintage Brown Timber tile.

Of course, you can use these two products together or team them with concrete.



Once you’ve got the walls and floors sorted you can then start looking to bigger statement pieces. For these pieces we suggest incorporating weathered wood, metal and open shelving.

What sort of pieces should you look out for?

-Open bookshelves
-Weathered wood tables, drawers and doors
-Metal accessories, stools and shelving

While looking for statement pieces remember that the key to industrial is just to keep it simple- if you spot an old table you think can be repurposed go for it! Vinnies and antique stores have some fantastic furniture at even better prices. And remember- industrial means it doesn’t have to be perfect. Keep it rustic and only fix items if you need to. But make sure it’s in a way that will save the original charm of the piece.


Add some industrial lights

Due to the popularity of the industrial style, many lighting shops are jumping on board the trend meaning that industrial lights are easy to find. You’ll want to look for pendant lights that are oversized, domed and in a grey/black tone, steel or brass. Alternatively, you can opt for an open light and utilise quirky light globes that can now be found in most lighting stores.


Use black

To finish off your industrial look, introduce touches of black. You can do this by adding black accessories such as cushions or throws. Alternatively, you can even touch up wooden pieces by adding a splash of black.


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