Why You Should Incorporate Statement Tiles in Your Reno




Statement tiles are a popular way to add colour, personality and style to a space. More than just functional, statement tiling can lift a neutral decor into something out of the ordinary. Find out more about how statement tiles can be incorporated into your reno.


What are Statement Tiles?

Statement tiles are incorporated within plain tiling to accent a simple space or complement other bold colour choices. If done well they can drive the room’s design and create a focal point that instantly draws the eye. Statement tiles can be anything from geometric shapes and patterns, to hand-painted mosaics and bold accent colours. Basically, any kind of tiling that is unique, colourful and appealing.

Two of the most common spaces for statement tiles are kitchens and bathrooms. We’ll take a look at these two areas in more detail.


Standout Splashbacks

The visual interest potential of kitchens is often overlooked but with a statement tiled splashback you have the chance to essentially add an extra dimension to the space. If your kitchen has mostly a neutral color palette, glass or patterned splashback tiles can inject unexpected color and texture as well as tie it in with the items in the rest of the space such as island cabinetry. Don’t just limit it to a certain size either. Be bold with a statement tile splashback that runs all the way to the ceiling.


Bold Bathrooms

Statement tiles can help with creating a certain theme for your bathroom such as Art Deco or Retro, or depending on the size of the space; you can use them as a feature wall. You can also create a colour story in an understated all-white bathroom. Boldly coloured, geometric print or patterned tiles look stunning as a feature strip either running horizontally or vertically upon a wall. Another option is to pair the colour of a tile border or strip with a matching painted ceiling.

If you want to keep the white colour scheme consistent throughout, you can create subtle moments of imperfection by using a blend of different white tiles or those with slightly irregular shapes to keep it from descending into sterility. Using statement tiles for flooring is also a good way to liven up a boring bathroom and if it’s a small space use the same tile in the shower as the rest of the bathroom to make it feel larger.


3 Tips For Using Statement Tiles

  • Which mood or style do you want to create in your home? Carry this theme through to the statement tiling in your bathroom or kitchen.
  • If you’ve chosen a colourful or patterned tile as the feature of the room, keep the other tiles simple and plain.
  • Think outside the square. Statement tiles can be used around a bathtub, a sink surround, shower stall area, as an accent wall or even as artwork.


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