How to Choose the Perfect Tile for an Outdoor Area

Outdoor tiles need to be both attractive and functional, as well as hardy enough to withstand the elements. Some tiles are better to a life outdoors than others, so it’s wise to take your time and consider all the options before making a choice. Here are some pointers on what questions to ask yourself so you get the perfect tile for your outdoor space.


What Style & Colour is Your Home?

For a cohesive space, you should choose a tile that matches the style of your home. Also, take into account the colour of your house and if you want to match it or contrast it. Thinking about the style and colour of your home can help you to narrow down a potentially dizzying array of colours and materials.


How Much Light Will the Space Get?

This is something that you might not consider but lighting can make a big difference to the eventual look of the area. If the space has poor or dim lighting using dark tiles can make it look gloomy. Think about the amount of sunlight, if any, the space gets throughout the day. If it doesn’t get much go with a lighter coloured tile, if it gets a lot then darker tiles are fine.


How Will The Space Be Used?

Asking this question before you purchase outdoor tiles can save you time, money and possible injuries. If the space is going to be a high traffic area then choose a hardwearing durable tile such as porcelain or granite which doesn’t easily scratch or get damaged. Other materials can be suitable for outdoor tiles if glazed or properly sealed including: limestone, ceramic, sandstone, travertine and slate.  


Does the Space Get Wet?

If the tile is to be used for a patio, walkway or steps which border a pool, pond or is open to the elements, then you’ll need to think about the slipperiness factor. If you have children or elderly adults living in the house, then tiles that get slippery when wet could equal falls, sprains and broken bones. Choose a tile with good gripping ability if this is the case.


Do You Want a Flat or Uneven Surface?

As well as the look and use of the tile you need to think about the surface and what you like. Natural stone tiles are a popular option but many don’t have a level surface so you can’t use them under patio furniture.


There are an array of factors you need to consider when choosing outdoor tiles. For more expert advice drop into our tile showroom and talk to our team.


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