How to Enhance Your Bathroom Tiles With Accessories


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If you’re about to have your bathroom fitted with new tiles then you’ll be wanting to add accessories that complement the overall look. There are numerous different accessories that can improve your bathroom’s functionality as well as its aesthetics. Here are just some of the ways you can enhance your bathroom tiles.



With a newly tiled shower you may be reluctant to add accessories that require attaching through the tile. But there are products such as caddies, baskets, corner shelves and soap dishes that attach to, rather than through, the tile. These are installed as a permanent fixture while the tile itself is being installed and stay firmly attached to the tiled walls. By choosing products with a premium finish you also eliminate the possibility of rust.

As well as accessories that keep your shampoo bottles, soap etc. organised, older people might want to consider adding grab bars for extra assistance or ladies a foot prop for leg shaving.

Cabinets & Walls

Depending on the overall look of your bathroom tiles, you’ll want to choose accessories that complement this, whether it’s an all white vanity with a subway tiled splashback or stylish his and hers mirrors with a gloss tile surround. The important thing is to focus on what matters to you, if its function then add practical accessories such as good lighting, towel rails, a shaving mirror and a toilet roll dispenser.

Supplying storage is usually high on the list for bathroom accessories, especially if it’s on the smaller side. Think about a cabinet with sliding drawers, or adding extra shelving on the walls or behind the mirror.

Finishing Touches

Finally you’ll want to add some finishing touches to your newly tiled bathroom. These are accessories which aren’t essential but make it easier to use. These might be designer hooks to hang bathrobes off the back of the door, a fancy soap dish or even a stylish toothbrush holder. Whatever you choose just make sure that it fits into your overall scheme to create a harmonised space.

For expert advice on choosing the right accessories for your tiles, drop into our tile showroom and have a chat to our team.


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