Latest Tile Trends: Timber Look

Latest Tile Trends: Timber Look


Timber definitely adds a unique look, feel and warmth to any room. However even though timber flooring is beautiful there are still disadvantages you need to consider. If you want a stunning wooden floor without all the added effort timber look tiles could be the solution for you.

I know it may sound a bit odd if you’ve never seen them before, but timber look tiles really have come a long way. Through the use of new printing techniques and advancements in tile making, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be made to look, and even feel like real wood. Gone are the days of the only substitute for wooden floors being grainy annoying timber-look-vinyl.

So what are some of the advantages of going for a timber-look tile?


Cost efficient

Timber and wooden floor can be very costly. Tiles will allow you to have a similar look for a lot less money.



You don’t need to worry about floorboards shrinking and expanding with changing temperatures. Wood expands and shrinks with temperatures which means, if the floor is in the wrong environment or has not been aged appropriately, you could be left with costly fixes.

Timber floors have the frustrating characteristic of getting wood cracks or splits not to mention fading in areas due to sunlight and ageing. With tiles, this is simply not an issue at all.

There is no need to sand back your tile floors, no re-waxing, re-varnishing or be affected by sunlight, so they are much easier to maintain long term. In comparison with vinyl floor look alikes, timber tiles are much more durable, long lasting and look a lot more convincing due to their textures. And they are much easier to clean.



Ceramic tiles in general are becoming more and more environmentally friendly in both their manufacturing processes and in their longevity. When you consider the average life expectancy of tiles is 50 years as compared to timber (15yrs), Vinyl (10yrs) and carpet (6yrs). The advances in design to create this new generation of timber-look tiles, takes this to a new level, with no need to cut down trees, and a longer life-span, they are a sustainable building and design option.



The great thing about these timber look tiles is that you can use them anywhere. You can create a beautiful feature floor inside, or you can create a hassle-free floor for your verandah. You also don’t need to worry about water damage, so go ahead and use them in your wet areas with abandon!



The best news about timber look tiles is there is a wide array of variations, with ever growing ranges with different shades, grains and knot details. So no matter what your colour scheme you can find a tile that will suit your room. The tiles can be laid in a variety of ways to either mimic wooden floorboards or create a feature. There are even tiles that come with faux stamps that provide a more rustic and vintage feel.

For the latest timber look tiles for your home, come in and visit our showroom. We are certain you’ll be amazed with how great they look.

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