Latest Tile Trends: Marble Look Tiles

Latest Tile Trends: Marble Look Tiles


Marble tiles are an elegant and classy addition to any home, but they’re not always a practical choice. Real marble tiles can be costly, heavy to transport and install. They also require regular sealing to prevent staining from food spills and dirt. But now thanks to new ceramic tile technology you can get porcelain tiles that mimic the high-end classic look of marble.

So what are some of the advantages of going for marble look tiles?

Available in a range of designs

Marble look tiles are proving to be a big hit since they’ve come on the market. In the past porcelain marble look tiles only had one pattern but with new ceramic tile technology porcelain tiles come in a range of designs that look like natural marble. Tiles can feature details such as marked veining, textured streaking, deep furrows and patches of colour.


Save on installation time & costs

By using marble look floor tiles, you can save money not only on the purchase but also on transport and installation costs. Porcelain tiles are much lighter than real marble and easier to cut and drill. They can also be produced in large formats so will save time on installation and minimise the number of joins.


Easier to maintain

Since marble look tiles are made of porcelain, they’re extremely hardwearing and ideal for high traffic floor areas, unlike real marble which is porous and prone to staining and scratching. Porcelain is much easier to maintain and can tolerate many cleaning products, while real marble tiles can only use certain products and need a lot of regular dusting, mopping and wiping to keep them looking good.
For the latest marble look tiles for your home, come in and visit our showroom. We are certain you’ll be amazed at how great they look.