Latest Tile Trends: Black and White




Nothing exudes sophistication quite like black and white tiles. They instantly make a statement whether it’s a bathroom floor, a kitchen splashback or a hallway entrance. Black and white has a timeless appeal that never goes out of fashion, and you don’t have to stick to a classic checkered look either. There are many gorgeous black and white designs for tiles available today.


Here are some ways that you can use this versatile and elegant tile trend.


Tiled Bathroom Floors

A simple bathroom can be transformed with the addition of an interesting black and white patterned floor. Concrete and ceramic tiles are popular materials to use because they’re durable and easily maintained. If you use black and white as your main colour scheme, there’s ample opportunity to inject elements of colour through painting walls, adding accessories and fixtures.

Classic Subway Walls

White subway tiles laid in a brick format for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls are a classic choice but they don’t need to be boring. Create interest with a black and white checkered border or a feature area of black stripes. You could also alternate with black subway tiles along the lower third of the wall with the upper two-thirds in white tiles. If you want a more modern style, consider laying them in a herringbone format.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone such as marble lends itself well to creating a stunning black and white space, though it’s not the cheapest of materials. As marble has a natural contrasting veining, you can combine light and dark marble tiles in many different ways to add lustre and elegance. Glass mosaic tiles also work well with marble tiles to add texture and dimension.

Modern Statement

Black and white tiles give you the opportunity to inject an ultra-modern ambience by pairing bold geometric patterns and sleek, classic designs in the same space. Add contemporary fittings and a bold use of colour and you can achieve a sophisticated functional space that stands the test of time.

As you can see, there are lots of options when it comes to black and white tiles. Drop into our showroom for more ideas and advice on how you can best use black and white tiles in your home.


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