How to Achieve the Look: Simplistic/Modern


As a homeowner with a busy lifestyle, you probably understand why tiled floors have a multitude of benefits. Not only are they more durable and easier to clean, but they also lend themselves to a simple, modern elegance that is difficult to replicate with other types of materials. Here are our top 5 picks for the best tiles to complement a modern home and decor:

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles offer smooth shine, varied patterns, and a wide choice of colours and styles. There are no rules when it comes to glass tiles. They are versatile enough to be used anywhere throughout the home, whether it be a bathroom, kitchen, living room or entryway.

Glass tiles can add energy with pops of bold mosaic colour or bring a relaxed feel to a room with the introduction of a pastel shade. Consider the purpose of your space and how glass tiles can be used to make a statement. These tiles are also practical to use in wet rooms since they’re resistant to water.


How to Achieve the Look: Simplistic/Modern
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Accent Tiles

Accent tiles can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary if you use them in the right way. They are especially great for adding interest to open plan contemporary spaces, which can often end up looking sterile and too white. Living rooms, for example, can have accent tiles on walls, floors, and around the fireplace. Wood-look, natural stone, and mosaic tiles are all good options for focal points, whether it’s a full feature wall or a strip of tile for colour and texture.


How to Achieve the Look: Simplistic/Modern


Natural Stone Tile Flooring

Opting for natural stone flooring such as marble, travertine, granite or limestone is a great way to bring a modern element into any home. A high gloss finish makes for a sleek contemporary look. Choose large format tiles in a simple grid pattern with minimal grout lines. Larger tiles can work well in small rooms to trick the eye and make it appear larger. Natural stone is both varied and versatile so it works well with any style of decor.


How to Achieve the Look: Simplistic/Modern
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Modern Technology, Shapes & Patterns

Another way to incorporate a modern feel with tiles is to move away from standard square tiles and go for different shapes such as linear or geometric tiles for flooring and walls. There are so many choices these days with size, patterns, and colours; you can easily create a customised look to suit the personality of your home. Digitally printed wood-look, brick-look or marble-look ceramic and porcelain tiles are an affordable alternative to the real thing.

Modern Tiles That Are On Trend Right Now

  • Reflective bathroom tiles – either in a dark tile for glamour or in an ocean colour such as turquoise or seafoam.
  • Bold bathroom colours – such as vibrant glossy red to re-energise and make a bold statement.
  • Monochromatic – less intense but still sophisticated, black and white is the ultimate in urban European chic.
  • Mixing it up – not matching tile colours with décor adds visual interest.
  • Shower niches – using a different tile to make it stand out but coordinate well with the rest.
  • Horizontal tiles – long skinny subway tiles to create an elongated horizontal tile pattern, make a room look wider.
  • Wood look tiles – ceramic offers a scratch free surface and low maintenance.


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